ADIS application development, ver. 32

20. 11. 2009

We have signed another contract with IBM company regarding the development of the ADIS application for CR Ministry of Finance. This is the base for the development of 32nd version of ADIS and we are proud to be the supplier of the software for this application from the very beginning of the project.

This agreement forms the platform for further development of the successful ADIS project. The contract includes analysis, programming, testing and other steps by the application development cycle for the ADIS application specified tasks transmitted in agreed number of distributions.

Under this agreement we will solve among others following main tasks:

Support of amendment of Tax and Fees Administration law - appeal against additional payment order following the inspection has suspensive effect; every verdict must include rationalization.

Changes in processing of settlement of the natural person income tax from dependant activity and deducted one and its appendices that has been passed during insolvency for partial taxation period.

Modification of Tax Portal entry pages because of the extension of Access Definition and Accounting System.

Proposal and management of indices for a new application area Tax Office Performance.

Modifications in bearing interest/penalizing on general tax administration.

Modifications in mutual assistance for the recovery of claims; mortgage right; suretyship.

Modification of Centralized Outputs and Tax Subject Selection for Inspection; proposal and creation of service applications for "Tax Subject Risk Rate" at CR Ministry of Finance.

Modifications for data boxes; new methods for submitting and delivering of VAT refund electronic papers at Tax Offices.

Modifications regarding organizational divisions of foreign legal entities and permanent establishments; processing of foreign applicants for VAT Refund.

Modifications in the transfer of road tax revenues to State Road Infrastructure Fund.

Automation of foreign bankruptcy proceedings processing within ADIS information platform for insolvency proceedings.

Extension of automated support and refinishing of special legal remedies accounting within personal and legal entity income tax.

About IBM

We supply ADIS project professional services to IBM, Czech Republic, which is the ADIS project system integrator. The ADIS project is implemented within its consulting division - IBM Global Business Services.

About CR Ministry of Finance

CR Ministry of Finance is the ADIS end customer.