AIR ČENKOV chose the controlling system

18. 11. 2013

AIR ČENKOV, a.s. has signed a contract to implement the Helios GIST Intelligence system, ie. controlling and Business Intelligence tool integrated into the Helios Orange system.
AIR ČENKOV becomes one of many users.
The material scope of the project is focused on Finance, to comprehensively promote the controlling processes of planning, assessment, analysis of deviations to the proposed measures.
The main reasons for selecting the Helios GIST Intelligence system:
The production programme is mainly focused on manufacturing and supply of components for final producers in automotive industry, of agricultural and tractor machinery and lorries. This part of production programme consists of development, manufacturing and supply of electromagnetic valves and manufacturing of assembling and machining components for diesel fuel injection and components for passive protection modules in cars. A certain share of production is historically represented by supply of components and services in the field of seats for means of public transport.
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