Albertinum systematizes reporting using GIST

24. 1. 2011

Albertinum, professional medical institute based in Žamberk initiates cooperation with GIST in a systematic integration of reporting for management needs.

The project is built on the Microsoft technology (Excel 2010 and its other components), the unification of data base is from Medea and Maxim systems.

The main benefits of the project are:

About Albertinum

Albertinum, the professional medical institute, was founded in 1905 and became the first sanatorium for tuberculosis patients and skrofulosou in the Czech lands. Based nursing has become a summer villa of professor Albert (after whom the institute was also named), which will accommodate up to sixty patients, kitchen with dining room, and later X-ray and laboratory. Gradually in the 20th and 30th placed in position between brick pavilions, laundry, kitchen, hydrotherapy and other outbuildings. In the 60th due to the drugs that substantially reduced the length of tuberculosis treatment, the composition of patients changed gradually. Come to treat patients with other lung diseases, bronchial tubes, pleura and mediastinum (non-specific inflammation, cancer, asthma) and patients with various other associated diseases.

Currently, the institute has a special therapeutic Zamberk lung institute division (106 beds), psychiatric unit (36 beds) and hospice (70 beds), as well as the ambulance (a patch test with pulmonary, allergy, psychiatric, medical practitioner, a clinical speech pathologist and clinical psychologist ) and the laboratory. Patient services are provided by more than 210 employees of the institute.

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