Another brewery taps the Helios Green Controlling system

9. 10. 2009

The implementation of the controlling system integrated in the Helios Green system in another company under the wing of LIF Liberec, which is Pivovar Náchod, starts after implementation in Pivovar Svijany.

The controlling module will be based on the settings in the Pivovar Svijany while honoring any Pivovar Náchods specifics.

The main benefits of the project include:

About Pivovar Náchod

Náchod´s townsfolk have owned the rights to brew beer as far back as the Middle Ages. The period when beer was being brewed in their homes was brought to a close in June of 1871 by a decree of the town council that founded the local brewery.

The foundation stone was laid on April 8, 1872. The first brew of beer in the new brewery was begun on October 3, 1873 by the brewer Antonín Lutz. In October 1873 alone a total of 17 brews were brewed, from that 10 brews of 10° beer and 7 brews of 11° beer. In November of 1873 there were 31 brews of 10° beer. In the first phase of the brewery´s existence (i. e. approx. until the end of the 19th century) mainly 10° and 11° beer was brewed, multi-percent (12° and 13°) was brewed very little – mainly before Christmas and Easter.

The popularity of Náchod´s beer kept growing and so in the years 1925 – 1930 operation was expanded and a new cooking room was built. In 1935 the protected mark Náchodský Primátor was begun to be used at the then called Municipal brewery (in connection with the production of dark beer) – the predecessor of the present-day brand PRIMÁTOR.

It wasn´t until after World War II in 1948 and the following years that greater investments were made – the purchase of a filling machine for bottled beer, the acquisition of cooling facilities, the expansion of the malt house and the implementation of steam piping for the production of beer and the drying of malt.

In 2006 the brewery launched a reconstruction of the cellar technology. This investment completes the 15-year reconstruction of the cold part of the brewery.

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