Application for the collection and processing of ČEVAK technical data

6. 9. 2012

ČEVAK České Budějovice launched a project to implement a data warehouse for collecting and processing technical data. GIST Hradec Kralove is a contractor.
The solution includes an analysis of the data warehouse, the data warehouse implementation in three layers, development of web forms for data collection, data pumps from external sources, creating reports and other outputs, and user training. The first layer of the data warehouse will be carried out through web forms for manual data entry essentially of different measurements and will be supplemented with data from external systems TopRIS and LABSYS.
A derived layer will be created above this primary data layer, whose structure will be more tailored to the needs of reporting and analysis. This layer will also be accompanied by all the calculated items.
The third layer is a layer formed by OLAP tables, that will draw data from lower relational layers and will be used for data analysis and easy creation of any user’s outputs of all the data in the data warehouse.
Another part of the solution will be the required export and defined outputs creation. There will be also created "analytical" reports with pivot tables in Excel and web reports in Reporting Services. Web reports and selected xls reports to share more users will be published to SharePoint and their regular updates will be ensured.
Stock company ČEVAK České Budějovice is a part of the ENERGIE AG BOHEMIA s.r.o. group, which falls within the Austrian concern Energie AG Oberösterreich Wasser GmbH.
Its principal activities include the operation of water and sewer networks, wastewater treatment, drinking water production, pressure sewer cleaning, etc.
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