Business Intelligence for the company KORADO

1. 9. 2010

KORADO, a.s. Česká Třebová began the GIST Business Intelligence tools implementation.

The entire solution is built on the latest trends and it provides company management comprehensive solutions for decision support from the data warehouse, through the transformation of data, detailed ad hoc analysis, enterprise-wide reporting, to advanced solutions score carding, managerial dashboards creation or professional planning and modeling.

And all in a familiar environment, web browser or Excel, while in compliance with the requirement for central data management within SQL Server. The Clever Decision company is involved in the project as a GIST partner.

Implementation is focused on the sales. The main benefits of the project are:


The company KORADO was founded in 1990 as a small Czech company which over the last ten years has gone from virtually nothing to being one of the largest European producers of radiators. At the very beginning KORADO took over the tradition of manufacturing steel radiators in the plant of the company Koventa, which it acquired in small-scale privatisation. During the subsequent years KORADO significantly expanded and modernised production, which culminated in the building of a new plant in Česká Třebova.

Without connection to any foreign strategic manufacturer, using only its own know-how, the company KORADO has become one of the main European leaders in the field and at present jointly sets the new trends in the entire field of heating. At present KORADO dominates the Czech market and competes very successfully on foreign markets both on our own continent and in such exotic countries as Japan and China. If you add to this one of the most modern production plants in Europe, the skills of the Czech employees and the ability to find its own route, one can say that KORADO is a good example of a successful Czech company.

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