Cost controlling for Czech Statistical Office

10. 11. 2009

Czech Statistical Office and GIST signed a contract to implement the GIST Controlling system, which supports the cost controlling process.

In the first stage is to create a costing system, which enables to establish a real financial performance of the orders, centers and processes (using the necessary allocation and reallocation for common costs / expenses).

The GIST Controlling system will automate the creation of standard reports in tabular and graphical form, reports on the costs of controlling objects (broken down into personal, direct and "centers" costs with the possibility of detailed look at their structure), the possibility of modifying the output reports and graphs according to their needs.

Using the GIST Controlling system implementation it is possible to ensure smooth continuity of the cost controlling in the future in case of transition to accrual accounting.


Obout Czech Statistical Office

Based on acquired data, CZSO yields a reliable and consistent image about the state of the arts and development of the society according to developing needs of users of statistical service in conditions of changing environment.

Statistics are a rich source of data. It is impossible to enumerate all of them – there are thousands and thousands of them in the Statistical Yearbook of the CR itself. Of importance is whether we can choose what we need or what we are interested in.

The statistical office cannot fabricate figures – it collects information from the population, companies and various institutions. These rivulets and creeks of data empty into a wide river of statistical information. The truer and the more real the data, the more credible the information the river brings. Citizens, entrepreneurs, banks, councillors in municipalities and regions, the government and Parliament of the CR – all draw on this stream, all of them use the statistical data to make decisions.

Only correct data constitute a basis for correct decisions. Not only are such statistical data interesting to us, but they are also really valuable. Everybody needs them, directly or indirectly - they affect everybody throughout their whole of life.

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