ČSAD Logistik develops data warehouse

6. 10. 2010

ČSAD Logistik Ostrava, a.s. signed an agreement to implement the GIST Business Intelligence management information system and data warehouse.

The operational information system Helios Green is the source of primary data.

The data warehouse development will take place in two stages and the main benefits include:


About ČSAD Logistik Ostrava

ČSAD Logistik Ostrava continuously builds upon the more than 50 years of experience in the field of road freight transportation  and it is now one of the largest carriers in the Czech Republic with an average of over 36 000 shipments a year across Europe.

Its core business is an international road transport (more than 150 trucks) which participates in the turnover of 60%. Other important activities include domestic transportation (about 25 trucks), freight forwarding services for co-operating carriers, customs services and storage.

ČSAD Logistik Ostrava is certified ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001. Its annual turnover exceeds CZK 650 million.

Visit www.csadlogistik.cz for more about the company.