Data warehouse for the Moravian - Silesian Region

22. 8. 2013

GIST won the public contract "Data warehousing - SW Technology and metadata system, data marts of economy, education, statistics, health care".
This is a public contract realized within the Moravian – Silesian region project called "data warehouse" within multiproject "E-Government of the Moravian – Silesian region (II - VI. part of the call)", registration number CZ.1.06/2.1.00/08.07383, cofinanced from the European Union, the European regional Development Fund, through the Integrated operational Programme (IOP).
The aim of the project is through the implementation of a data warehouse, analysis and presentation tools provide:

About Moravian – Silesian Region
The Moravian-Silesian region is located in the most eastern part of the Czech Republic. It is a region on the border of Moravia and Silesia and this is a truly diverse and distinctive place, which not only draws attention to its attractions but also its Genius Loci (the spirit of the place). Over time, the Moravian-Silesian region has been shaped by natural effects as well as by people who live in it. Today it is an important region to learn about and to get to know it even more!
In the Moravian-Silesian region live 1 243 220 inhabitants.
Visit for more about the Moravian – Silesian Region.