Data warehouse in Zeelandia, the third part

22. 6. 2011

Zeelandia spol. s r.o., Malšice signed a contract to implement a data warehouse, focusing on the area of purchase, as the next development phase after the sale and production areas.

The main benefits of a data warehouse on purchase area in terms of Zeelandia include:

A development in an economic area after a data warehouse in purchase area implementation is expected.


About Zeelandia

Zeelandia (originally Lactoprot Bohemia) is on the Czech market since 1990. It has become a leading supplier of raw materials and products for bakers and confectioners in our market over the years. The company expanded its activities as well as gastronomy in 1993. Some products (fruit fillings, nut mixes and liquid kvass) are produced in Malšice for the whole Zeelandia group.

The production process is subject of strict controls and products to get to customers mainly through its own logistics network.

Zeelandia implements its own development of new products. It offers to the customers products that meet their needs and wishes through the combined efforts of development teams at home and abroad. The aim is to facilitate customers work, providing the best materials and offer assistance in introducing new products to market. Its product range is able to satisfy both Zeelandia large customers manufactured products "tailored" and small manufacturers.

Zeelandia employs approximately 130 employees and its annual turnover reached nearly CZK 750 million.

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