Data warehouse, MIS and BI tools for Pilsen Region

11. 6. 2012

GIST won the public tender for the supply of "warehouse management information system and business intelligence tools".
This is a contract made in their Pilsen Region, entitled "ICT services technology center of the Pilsen Region - Part I, III., IV. and V." Challenges No. 08 on "Development of services in regions eGovernement" Integrated Operational program (IOP).
The project aims is to provide through the implementation of data warehouse, analysis and presentation tools:
About Pilsen region
Pilsen region is situated in the southwest of the Czech Republic. It adjacents to the northwest of Carlsbad, in the north with the Ústecký region, in the north to Central and east with the South Bohemian Region. The longest border is in the southwest of the FRG (Bavaria). Very convenient location is the region between the capital Prague and the countries of Western Europe.
Its area of ​​Pilsen Region is the third largest region in the Czech Republic, while the population is ranked ninth. The total population of the Czech Republic is involved in 5.4%. After South County is the second lowest populated region in the Czech Republic.
The settlement structure of the region is unbalanced - to the metropolitan Pilsen builds small rural structure. It meets the city of medium size. A typical feature is the large number of small settlements. Cadastral municipalities up to 2000 thousand inhabitants account for more than 4/5 area of ​​the region and home to over 30% of the population.
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