DEKOM SYSTEM „starts fast“ with the GIST Controlling system

13. 7. 2010

DEKOM SYSTEM, s.r.o. Pardubice, authorized Volvo dealer in East Bohemia, starts to implement the GIST Controlling Quick Start system for planning and evaluation in the company economy field.
The main reasons for choosing the GIST Controlling system are:
o     the planning of transport in terms of their own (rental) car sold from the perspective of the labels, the major customers, etc.
o     evaluation of the details of each license plate in terms of sales, service inspections, repairs, equipment purchase

DEKOM SYSTEM actives in car sales since 1998, when it became an authorized VOLVO cars dealer. With coverage of services in Pardubice and Hradec Králové region has become the largest surface area VOLVO dealer.

DEKOM SYSTEM is a major sponsor of the Extraliga Pardubice hockey and tennis club and gives 500 CZK with every sold car to the Our Child Foundation. DEKOM SYSTEM ranks among the leading regional sponsors.

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