G4S implements the Helios Green Controlling system

7. 3. 2011

G4S Secure Solutions (CZ), a.s. initiated the implementation of an integrated module Helios Green Controlling the workshop of GIST.

The main benefits of the project are:

About G4S

The company G4S Secure Solutions (CZ) is a subsidiary of a Danish multinational company G4S and provides comprehensive security services.

Its principal activities include Cash management (transport of cash and valuables, cash processing and preparation of grants and the operation and servicing of ATM), Manned security services (mobile patrol, protection of sporting events, exhibitions, conferences and personal security to protect life and health, protective services diplomats, politicians, executives and VIPs, hidden security services to detect or to prevent damage or theft of property, safety training services, drug and explosives detection, etc.) and implementation of Security systems.

The company G4S operates in 110 countries and employs more than 620,000 people.

Visit www.g4s.cz for more about the company.