Městské lesy HK implements a management web portal

6. 8. 2013

Městské lesy Hradec Králové a.s. has started implementation of a management web portal, which is supplied by the GIST.
The aim of building a portal is to provide information for management and control bodies. The portal solution is built on the platform of Microsoft SharePoint and will be provided in the form of web hosting.
The main benefits ofweb portalare:
About Městské lesy Hradec Králové a.s.
Městské lesy Hradec Králové manages about 3800 ha of forests located in the wider South East area adjacent to the city. Constantly trying to improve the state of the trust's historic forest and pond owned by the city Hradec Kralove, when it builds on a long tradition of good management in Hradec forests. Its aim is, with careful farming, close to nature, to create a good forest and recreational facilities for residents of the city of Hradec Králové and other visitors to the forest.
Its principal activities include the extraction and sale of timber, mining and sale of gravel, forest cultivation, increasing recreational and other forest functions, operation hostels, fish farming, fishing, hunting.
Visit http://mestske-lesy.cz for more about the company.