Milk specialties of Meggle and the GIST Controlling system

29. 10. 2009

Meggle, s.r.o. Praha, a subsidiary of the same name German group, which has operated on the Czech market since 1994, has signed a contract to implement the GIST Controlling system.

Meggle obtains certified and successful management tool to assess data from the operating system MS Dynamics AX.
The GIST Controlling system solution is aimed to manage the sales process (planning and evaluation of products and customers sales according to billing and sales points). The GIST Controlling system  offers to managers plan and fact deviations analysis, and its break-down to sub-factors (price, exchange rate, volume, ...).

A storage is a second supported process. It includes planning and evaluation of individual products actual stock prices. It is possible to analyze a price and exchange rate deviation.
The GIST Controlling system also supports the planning and evaluation of the actual costs of business and marketing activities effectively.
About Meggle

A family cheese manufacturing plant of Josef Anton Meggle was founded  in the Bavarian Alps foothills in 1887. Meggle is a family firm: it is still controlled by the founder descendants of the same principles and it is still headquartered at the former estate of peasants under the Alps. Only the scale has changed: added hundreds of employees, many international awards and Meggle name prestige as guardian of quality, taste expert and an innovator in dairy products spread across Europe. For example, now so common a thing as a herb butter is the original Meggles invention what became company famous in the end of the sixties. A Meggles range is still rich in dairy specialties for everyday and formal dining.

Meggle has sold a wide range of branded products on the Czech market since 1991, some of them are produced in cooperation with Czech partners. Meggle, that means a 122 years enhance tradition of getting the best of milk.

Blue Meggle
s trefoil is an international guarantee of quality and excellence of dairy products.

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