The ADIS application development - Data Boxes and EPO2 modules

15. 9. 2009

We have signed another contract with IBM company regarding further development of the ADIS application for CR Ministry of Finance. It concerns the Data Boxes and EPO2 application modules.

That means further development of the successful ADIS project. The contract includes analysis, programming, testing and other steps by the application development cycle for the ADIS application specified tasks transmitted in agreed number of distributions.

Under this agreement we will solve tasks related to modules:

Data Boxes

The application area of the Tax office document evidence will enable to send the documents generated by the tax authorities to the data box and to receipt the documents received at the tax offices through the data box. The Czech tax administration data boxes will start its operation on 1st November 2009.


EPO2 is a server implementation (all application logic is implemented at the Czech tax administration servers) of Electronic filing for tax administration, which reduces the demands for user PC configuration and allows users to complete the form in alternative browsers. Under this agreement we will realize the EPO2 reprocessing technology from the earlier version EPO1 for filing for the tax period started in 2009:

- Natural person income tax
- Legal entity income tax
- Settlement of the natural person income tax from dependant activity and from function benefits

About IBM

We supply ADIS project professional services to IBM, Czech Republic, which is the ADIS project system integrator. The ADIS project is implemented within its consulting division - IBM Global Business Services.

About CR Ministry of Finance

CR Ministry of Finance is the ADIS end customer.