The GIST Controlling system and a plastic sheets production

29. 7. 2009

GIST won a tender for the management information system of the company IMG BOHEMIA Planá nad Lužnicí. This is a comprehensive solution, built on the GIST Controlling system including a hardware supply, what support a controlling management, a variant planning, automated reporting and forecasting. OR-SYSTEM provides the source data
The main benefits are defined:
  • the active costs and revenues management within the organizational structure
  • the negative / positive variance against set objectives identification
  • the company evaluation through recognized set of economic performance and risks indicators
  • the response to the development of cash flows in the sub-areas of the company's activities
  • the defined set of the controlling reports 
About IMG BOHEMIA company

PP and PE sheets, floor grates, wall elements and another components to build water treatment, sewage equipments, oit traps etc. are the main company product program. Since 2004 the company IMG BOHEMIA began to increase production volume on the current technology significantly.  In 2005 the company purchased a new technology for extrusion of plastic sheets and the light was almost a doubling of the initial turnover.
Turn became the year 2006 when the company IMG BOHEMIA agreed to purchase part of the business Ploma Ltd. the group 3, and this step has become IMG Bohemia largest producer of plastic sheets in the Czech Republic. The largest benefit of the concentration is the addition of the products that are manufactured by extrusion and injection technologies. At the same time, the customer base has changed, where IMG BOHEMIA through Hodonín plant began supplying to the automotive industry and thus have also been diversification of customer markets.

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