The GIST Controlling system for the largest publisher

28. 3. 2011

The largest slovak publisher, SPOLOČNOSŤ 7 PLUS Bratislava, has started to implement the GIST Controlling system.

The company management appreciated the knowledge of the publishing business, which confirms the successful implementation of the GIST Controlling system in Economia, a.s. Praha, ECOPRESS a.s. Bratislava and more.

The main reasons for selecting the GIST Controlling system are:

 The controlling cost-benefit analysis of published titles,
 Flexible reporting, performance analysis sooner than monthly accounts closing,
 Effective management of the centers, rapid assessment, comparing the plan and the fact
 The allocation of centers fixed overhead cost, automation calculation,
 The financial ratios related to the characteristics of individual titles reporting.


SPOLOČNOSŤ 7 PLUS is the second largest publisher in the Slovak Republic according to the number of sold copies and the volume of advertising. Weekly prints are regularly readed by 1,217,000 readers and monthly prints by 1,765,000 readers. This means that up to 50 percent of Slovakia's population aged 14-79 years selected its periodicals.

All its magazines are at the top of the MML readership surveys and verification of costs ABC audits. New newspaper PLUS JEDEN DEŇ was the second most successful newspaper in the counter the right from its inception. Weekly print PLUS 7 DNÍ is a steady leader in the magazine market for years.

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