The GIST Controlling System helps appreciate the work

16. 7. 2012

Amulet - chráněné dílny s.r.o. Náchod launched in cooperation with GIST the implementation of the GIST Controlling Quick Start system.
This initial stage of the project is focused on the area of economy. The data source is a Altus Vario system.
The main benefits of the project are:
About Amulet – chráněné dílny
Amulet - chráněné dílny s.r.o. is a czech dynamically developing company that works with leading suppliers to the automotive industry, toy manufacturers and other customers. During more than ten years of its history, the company has built a strong and stable ties with most of its customers on the basis of mutually beneficial business relationships. The company performs its activities in its own factory and plants with their customers.
Currently the company employs more than 400 employees, including employees with disabilities (well over 60%). In addition to clearly defined pro-growth, business objectives include the employment of persons with disabilities among the important interests of society. Depending on good economic performance, the company is further scope for the involvement of disabled people into work.
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