The GIST Controlling system in a glass

11. 1. 2010

Joint-stock company Glassworks Moravia, residing in Úsobrno signed a contract to implement 1st phase of the GIST Controlling software tool working with the Helios Orange data.

A cooperation development continues for 2007, when the GIST company realized in Glassworks Moravia a controlling development benefit analysis.

The GIST Controlling system main benefits in the Glassworks Moravia conditions include:

The GIST Controlling system is ready to expand when the 2nd phase will include the registration of products calculation and orders sheets in time and an overview of the manufacturing of forming machines in time, with the possibility of tracking planned and actual production costs.

About Glassworks Moravia

The history of the glass factory dates back into 1827, when the factory was founded by Strachwitz family. The manufacturing program concentrated on manufacturing window panes and certain kinds of utility glassware for domestic market.

In the middle of the 19th century, the glass factory became property of Reich company. During these years, the glass factory became a major employer in the area, giving work to more than 200 employees. The basic manufacturing program was focused on producing cosmetic bottles with ground glass caps, medical bottles, reagent bottles for acids, powder bottles, which were exported into many other countries. During the time of economic depression in 30s of 20th century, the glass factory was near bankruptcy. Shutting down the furnaces and closing the factory completely was turned away by establishing Czechoslovak glassworks corporation in 1935. The factory was nationalized after the war and the reserve capacities were used to produce wine and liqueur bottles. In 2006, the production lines underwent a major reconstruction and the smelting capacity was raised to fulfill the growing requirements of our new customers.

At present, the glass factory focuses on producing shaped packing glass for wine and liquors, cosmetic bottles, bottles for food products in transparent, black and green color. It also follows its tradition in producing powder bottles and reagent bottles with ground glass caps.

The company employs approximately 160 people and annual turnover is around 250 million CZK.

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