The GIST Controlling system is a standard for transport companies

21. 10. 2011

Dopravní podnik měst Liberce a Jablonce nad Nisou, a.s. started to implement the GIST Controlling managerial information system, which utilizes data from the QI operating system.
Customer management met with the completed projects and real benefits that GIST Controlling brings other transport undertakings and which we describe as the controlling standard of transport companies.
The main benefits of the project are:
About Dopravní podnik měst Liberce a Jablonce nad Nisou
Dopravní podnik měst Liberce a Jablonce nad Nisou continues the trend of a dynamic company. The process of integration of public transport services in Jablonec into Dopravní podnik was completed. All these steps are a prerequisite for closer and more effective management and operation of public transportation in both cities. The final stage of the merger would bring improved services and lower costs for all stakeholders - passengers, the client itself and Dopravní podnik.
Integrated transport has been operated in the Liberec Region with a similar objective since 2009. And not only that. The introduction of quality standards has shifted transport company in the eyes of the traveling public. The next step to approach the public was introduction of social car. Services ill or disabled fellow citizens to rank the program Dopravní podnik.
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