The GIST Controlling system promotes health

24. 11. 2009

Pharmaceutical company Medicom International Brno, part of a multinational group of CSC Group, has signed a contract to implement the GIST Controlling system.

Medicom International opted for a successful management tool that uses data from operational systems BMD and ADAMINT.

The costs and revenues will be managed by the GIST Controlling system, ie. planning, forecasts and costs and revenues assessment including operational and personnel budgets for the company as whole, as cost centers, the cost objects and the person responsible for the centre in detail of the customer accounts or groups in CZK.

The „assortiment“ is the second main area that allows the planning and evaluation of sales range in the units, assortiment gross contribution margin  and variations analysis including exchange rate impact quantification.

The „representatives“  is the third area, where it is evaluated the success of individual representatives, ie the evaluation of sales in pharmacies, which are within their competence devoted to cost of products and representatives.


About Medicom International

Medicom International has been active on the Czech pharmaceutical market since 1991. Medicom International is a Czech pharmaceutical company operating within multinational CSC Group. The history of the company - it is 17 years of successful effort to establish and set in firmly on the highly competitive Czech pharmaceutical market. Domestic sales, expressed in ex-work prices, exceeded the total of EUR 31 mio (CZK 780 mio) in 2008. According to IMS data from 2008, Medicom International ranked 23rd on the list of more than two hundred pharmaceutical companies present on the Czech market.

The goal of Medicom International is to search for and particularly launch new interesting products from foreign manufacturers or licensors to the Czech health care system in order to increase the number of currently available therapeutic options. Medicom International now exclusively represents a number of foreign pharmaceutical companies from Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA. As much as 80% of the company marketing portfolio consists of original preparations, either imported or manufactured under a license in company’s own facilities (Medicom International is a holder of GMP Certificate since 1994). Product portfolio is particularly focused on internal medicine, rheumatology, gynecology, oncology and psychiatry, but includes also a wide range of other medicinal products, from highly specialized drugs to over-the-counter products. The latest company portfolio innovations include new original antiviral agents developed in the USA on the basis of active substances discovered by Czech scientists.

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