The GIST Intelligence system in the packaging industry

10. 9. 2013

Servisbal Obaly, s.r.o Dobruška ranks among the leading Czech manufacturer of packaging has signed a contract to implement the GIST Intelligence system default to the Helios Orange system.
Servisbal Obaly gets certified and successful management tool to further evaluate the data from the operating system for the management needs of the company.
The solution is focused on the economy, sale and calculations to support the planning and evaluation processes to increase efficiency throughout the company.
The main reasons for the choice the GIST Intelligence tools are:
About Servisbal Obaly
Servisbal Obaly is a modern company engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of packaging. Company trades with a number of standard packaging and it processes the complete packaging solutions to meet specific customer requirements.
The company was founded in 1993. Name Servisbal expresses the basic philosophy of the company: "service pack".
The Servisbal Obaly Company became an active member of the international package and logistic association PackSynergy in the year 2006 and it holds numerous awards from many professional competitions. One of the most prestigious awards is the price of Vodafone Company of the Year 2008 of the Economic newspaper.
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