The Helios GIST Intelligence system helps in LIKOV

4. 1. 2012

LIKOV s.r.o., the company based in Kuřim, a major manufacturer and marketer of building sections and accessories introduced in partnership with GIST the integrated Helios GIST Intelligence system in the range of the economy and sales modules.
The main benefits of the project are:
LIKOV s.r.o. belongs to the enterprises which have considerably been participating in production and sale of the building profiles and their accessories used for insulation systems both in the Czech Republic and abroad.The company has worked since 1994 as a Czech company without foreign capital.The activities of our company include development, production, and sale of the building profiles aimed at ETICS (contact insulation systems), dry building, and plaster systems. Production of these components is submitted both to the strict inspections and the system of a controlled production process meeting thus the technical standards in the EU countries.
The entire product range offered by LIKOV includes not only a wide range of profiles, but also fabric, dowels, bandages, foil and many other accessories.The quality level of our products is continuously confirmed by a large number of system designers who have approved our products and involved them in their own application systems.
The annual turnover is more than 470 million CZK.
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