The Milky Kingdom AGRO TAMI and the GIST Intelligence System

18. 7. 2013

AGRO TAMI, s.r.o. Nitra, one of the largest suppliers of milk and milk products, which operates the Slovak market since 1932, signed a contract to implement the GIST Intelligence system by default the Quick Start.
AGRO TAMI get proven and successful management tool to further evaluate the data from the operating system Milsoft.
The solution is focused on the Economy and Sales modules, to support the planning and evaluation processes to increase efficiency throughout the company. The implementation process is planned in three phases. In the first stage, the pre-deployed solution will be implemented. The second phase will develop the functional areas of direct costs to sell calculation, calculation of rates, purchase. And the third phase will focus on modeling support.
The main reasons for the choice GIST Intelligence tools are:

Nitra Dairy has more than 70 years of tradition. The first operation for the production of dairy specialities was established in this town under the Zobor Mountain in 1932. Since then, production has continuously expanded. The owners of the company as well as its legal form have gradually changed. The previous owner was the Dutch company, Friesland Foods, who announced that it was ending milk production in Nitra at the end of 2006. The dairy has shown interest Slovak business group that agreement eventually company, including technology and some traditional Slovak brands in 2006 also bought. From 1 June 2007 changed the company name to TAMI AGRO, s.r.o. Nitra.
Dairy in Nitra is known for its traditional quality yoghurts, spreads, dairy desserts and sour-milk drinks.
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