It is 20 years already that we advice to our customers within controlling, strategy and process fields, to use synergy with BI/DW realizations in the maximum possible extent.

We have enhanced controlling methodology to hundreds of customers already and that covers the whole cycle from planning through evaluation to deviation analysis and taking actual measures. The core of the solution always includes calculation system, and its development brings important economic effects owing to knowledge of customer, product, department and process profitability. These projects include also a design of manager reporting and corresponding motivation system alterations as standard.

Meaningful controlling must help to lead into correct direction, and that is why we focus our consulting on strategy area too. We analyze with our customers their inner and outer situation, formulate their mission, vision and strategy and convert them into implementation projects and operations.

Implementation of the strategy often means changes in enterprise processes, and that is why we can analyze your processes as well and suggest their optimal changes including necessary support by information systems.

We suggest you tailor-made solution using our knowledge and experience acquired from projects for hundreds of our customers. We have implemented solutions for multinational corporations, but also projects for smaller companies in all segments of industry, services, business and public administration as you can find in our references.

We provide consulting in following fields:

  • Controlling
    Calculations, planning, reporting, motivation systems, analyses
  • Strategy
    Inner and outer analysis, mission, vision, strategy, BSC, strategic projects and operations, risk management
  • Processes
    Process analysis, process management, reengineering, Activity Based Management, ICT