Automated Tax Information System

ADIS provides the application and technical support for Czech Financial Administration. It is a countrywide application with unified technical infrastructure.

ADIS consists of individual modules for processing of tax returns of the individual types of taxes, modules of common sectional activities, which are necessary for administration, registration, collection and enforcement of taxes, transfer of financial funds to entitled recipients as well as modules of necessary system support.

ADIS includes Tax Portal app created in Czech Financial Administration website which serves to tax subjects.

ADIS communicates with other systems. There is a data transfer among the system and eg. land registry, insolvency registry, resident registry and motor vehicle registry. Data exchange with Czech National Bank is also a necessity as the bank manages accounts of all tax offices. ADIS provides information for state social assistance system operated by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic regarding legitimacy of claims for social benefits for individuals too. ADIS provides also international information exchange in tax management field.

GIST participate on ADIS development considerably.  The customer of this system is General Financial Directorate (GFD, Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic resort organization) and users are then all financial administration bodies and due to possibility of electronic submission and acquiring information from tax procedures through Tax Portal application virtually all tax subjects and other people participating on tax administration in the Czech Republic.

System integrator of the project is IBM Česká republika, spol. s r.o. (ADIS project is implemented by its consulting division IBM Global Business Services.) Within GFD ADIS development is managed by Tax Information System Department (41).

ADIS is developed continuously, it is updated and accustomed to requirements placed by information policy of GFD, legislation (including EU legislation – interconnection of ADIS with EU) and its users as well.

ADIS is designed via CASE tool Sparx Enterprise Architect (previously SELECT Systems Engineer) an programmed in Informix-4GL and Java languages (using JSF and Hibernate). The application is operated on IBM servers with AIX operating system, Informix database system and Tomcat application server. Applications are interconnected throughout the whole country using financial administration private communication net FINet-ADIS.

The origin of ADIS project is dated in 1991, when Czech Ministry of Finance announced a tender for automated support of new tax system that had to be valid since January 1, 1993. The agreement on implementation of first phase of system building was signed in June 1992 – and in March 1993 the implementation was finished.

The employees of GIST developed SW applications that were preceding ADIS: Government revenues accounting, Income tax including tax statistics, Agricultural tax on land for physical persons in dBase, FoxBase and FoxPro systems.

So, GIST company carry out informatics support for tax administration (for which it is necessary to know factual tax administration very well) since 1990 already.