We are Czech software and consulting company owned from its foundation in 1994 up to now by four physical persons.

Through our know-how supported by IT we are helping our customers to increase their ability to reach their economic goals.

We have more than 80 employees who are focused mainly on three products:

Consulting       Business Intelligence       Software development

We consider a synergy of these three areas as our competitive advantage that has been already recognized by more than 400 customers from every segment of industry, business, services and public administration.

Our company is the holder of ISO certificates based on following standards:/strong>

ISO 9001:2008  Quality management system
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management system
ISO 20000-1:2005 IT services management system
ISO 27001:2005   Information security management system

We have got registered trademark and logo GIST.

We participate in the development of Automated Tax Information System in Czech Republic from the very foundation of our company.


In 1995 GIST, s. r. o. cofounded ASD Software, s. r. o. seated in Šumperk, and owns its business share still.


Since 2002 the company seats in its own building in Hradec Králové downtown, on the Aldis site.


GIST Consulting, s.r.o. subsidiary company, seated in Žilina, was founded in 2007 to strengthen our business, consulting and implementation capacities in Slovakian market.