Be inspired by successfully implemented solutions

The example of our solutions (especially for water supply segment but not only this one) gives you a good idea about what we can do within the framework of tailor-made development.

We have developed unique software solutions for a number of different agendas, and as they are repeated crosswise various operations, they could be useful for you as well. You can inspire by them, but do not limit your ideas at all! We would be glad to develop for you solutions of very specific agendas included in your company’s processes. Contact us and we will think it up together :-).

Order/Project management

Order management saves time and money

Based on our experience we know, that orders are usually registered, but not managed. Quality order management means planning, evaluation, maintaining complete documentation and responsibilities. Make decisions and react depending on current state of orders in time and correctly.


Automated VÚME/PE and ISPOP reporting

Automation of processing and transfer of the data into systems of Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of the Environment. Loading and validation of data from different systems and accounts simplify its management and reporting.

Transmitted water

Detectable calculation of transmitted water price

We are able to calculate even uneasily assignable costs of transmitted water supply for individual distribution units. To make the calculation correct we use technical and operation data including flow rates data as well. Then the calculation of transmitted water price is detectable.

Contract/Document Agenda

Maintain order in documents

A number of documents and administration intensity make problems. You can use a tool for easy administration of contracts, orders and other documents. You resolve responsibility allocation, links to projects, centers, objects, customers... The solution provides systemization of activities and quick management of documents.

Development and application recipes

Complete information on recipe development

Recipe solution (not only for food industry) assembles information on product composition, its costs, price and usage. It is possible to compare and model product compositions and calculations. It saves time of technologists significantly. It creates complete data for buyers and final customers.

Product specifications

Information on product compositions in one place

Product specifications (not only for food industry) enables to register composition of concrete product. Moreover it is possible register detailed descriptive information on concrete raw materials used for production. Thus it is possible to monitor the composition of individual raw materials and intermediary products and recognize in time changes eg. in nutrition values or allergens.

Service object management

You can get an overview of service objects

Complete overview of service objects is not available to everyone. Precise and current information on technical conditions, operation data and financial expenses on maintenance and operation enable quick decision making. It is possible to link monitored objects to documentation, maintenance plans, evaluations etc. All information available in one place saves your time.

Water quality

Waste water quality monitoring

We will monitor waste water quality for you. We collect data on analyses from laboratory systems, prescriptions from water utilization decisions and flow rates in measuring points. We evaluate the situation and balance in service objects automatically and escalate exceeding of limits if necessary. Water quality is one of the basic data sources for our solutions Reporting and Drinking water/Waste water.

Drinking water/Waste water

Flow rates, consumptions, losses – get appropriate data more simple

Drinking water/Waste water solution enables to collect final states regardless of the way of reading. In case of remote reading we provide automatic import of data. For individual reading mobile/web application is being used. You will get data more quickly, more exactly and you will see them all in one place. The system calculates flow rate, consumption or loss in individual objects (evaluation points) based on acquired data.

Waste management

Waste movement under control

Key function of this solution is automation of the process of waste movement and its control. Thus it is possible to register concrete fetches and evaluate related technical and economic information on waste management.

Maintenance and review

You can systematize the care for facilities and objects

This system is used for complex management of objects, facilities and activities. Routine maintenance, random failures and external reviews are registered in one place. Everything starts with maintenance plan, property state evaluation and review plan. Timely notification and escalation in case of delay provide correct and secure functioning of objects and facilities.

Interplant handling

Precise calculation of interplant handling

Clear and intelligible calculation of interplant handling will make your budget expenses for next period more accurate. Modeling is loaded with complete overview of real costs, vehicle utilization, mth number, fuel consumption etc. which enable to edit the calculation.

Electrical energy/Biogas

Automatic calculation of conjectural items

Quick processing of readings, overview accounting of price lists and rates, automatic calculation of conjectural items not only save time, but energy expenses as well. Detailed information on individual object or facility consumption make possible to operational changes and save expenses.

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