Great and intuitive data visualization

Dynamic dashboards within Power BI tool will help you to easy visualize and analyze data no matter if you use computer, tablet or mobile device, or work in the office, at home or a cafe. And really everyone can use them. This is not by coincidence, that Power BI is the best tool for BI and analytical platforms in the longterm.

Data visualization
Use the best rated tool in the market for dashboard creation.

We will advise how to do it
We will share with you our know-how and teach you to create reports, that make you really shine.

Use prepared data
Our tool GIST Intelligence automatically provides data readable by Power BI.

We know Power BI

It takes some practice to be able to design really meaningful and ergonomic reports in Power BI.

We know how to take and process economic, sales, production or logistic data well.

We will create effective model above them and suggest the best possible way of visualization. We will recommend the look of the dashboard for general manager or perhaps reports for sales reps.

Power BI

GIST Intelligence will prepare data for PowerBI

If you use GIST Intelligence, you have no need to think about input data for Power BI. GIST Intelligence automatically creates model, that you will use for reporting in PBI. All you plan, all hierarchies that you create, all rules that you set, are automatically projected into PBI reports.

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