Tailor-made software will raise your uniqueness

Use the opportunity to receive tailor-made software solution for your processes and become faster, cheaper, more effective – simply more productive. Every larger company or institution incorporates specific, unique processes. These may not be necessary the main or most important ones, but still they can create your desirable uniqueness, that forms your competitive advantages.

IT craft
We have got experience with the development of most robust applications – eg. ADIS system.

Factual knowledge
While developing software we rely on deep factual knowledge of concrete field.

Surprising price
GIST Aplikace enables us to significantly decrease costs of tailor-made development

And because of this uniqueness software support of company processes is quite often far from perfection. Either they are supported by torturing standard retail software, or one uses Excel system. Only tailor-made software can strengthen uniqueness of your processes.

We use the language of our customers

We always invest enough effort to deeply understand your business, learn your terms and understand your needs. Only then we can suggest really high quality solution, that won’t copy current practices, but raise them to higher level by using of modern technologies. As the example of deep understanding of the said field, which is proved by high number of implementations and number of functions, we can use the segment of water supply.

Tailor-made software

We develop software for three decades already

Software development was incorporated in the very beginning of our company and still forms its core business. It penetrates through all our products. We develop our own BI controlling system GIST Intelligence, we have created the platform for quick development of GIST Application, we solve even the most comprehensive systems with hundreds of users and really large amounts of data.

„The greatest one is Automated Tax Information System (ADIS). It serves to whole Czech Tax Administration, from tax offices to General Financial Directorate. It helps to civil servants with revenue collection for more than 25 years. Officers can devote more time to effective work and citizens can communicate with the help of MOJE daně portal with financial administration from their home or office."

Ivan Pařízek

Ivan Pařízek
Partner and Secretary


We are very satisfied with the co-operation with GIST company. We appreciate not just modern and progressive approach, but mainly expertise and approach of the analysts. Our colleagues from GIST company always behave like real professionals and they place emphasis on the quality of the outputs and user friendliness of developed solution. They are able to accept and incorporate into the system every new requirement and suggestion from users.

Ing. Karel Fuchs
Division Manager, Žďár nad Sázavou


GIST company is our important partner in the process of development of Automated Tax Information System of Czech Republic for nearly three decades. We appreciate knowledge of tax area, development competencies and reliability and helpfulness as well.

Jakub Holub
Partner, GBS CEE Big Deals Leader

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