Does controlling help you to lead your company into correct direction?

You will get more accurate data to make decisions, that will lead your company into correct direction. We deal with controlling for three decades already and will help you to set it up in such a way, so that your company would receive the most accurate results.

We do not consider controlling to be just a small department in financial division - and controller is not just “bean counter” working with Excel tables as well. Controlling is helping managers to plan, control and decide. It supplies whole top management with accurate and intelligible data, deeply analyzes causes of complex phenomena and acts like indispensable planning assistant. It helps to determine direction, reports deviations from the right course and suggests corrective measures. We will set up controlling system in your company for maximal yield.


We will help you to understand the past. And to plan the future.

What was the exact cause of better (or worse) economic results of your company within given time period and what can you learn from this result for the future? Success is influenced by many factors and it is difficult to determine, which of them you should focus on. We understand links among these factors, are able to differentiate each influences and can measure their effect. Thank to this we will streamline your business and you will receive more accurate results regarding customers, products, departments and orders. You do not identify just what happened - but also why it happened. And what could have happened as well. Then you can react really in time and accurately.

Planning is the tool for shaping the future. For every controlling you have to set targets that focus your effort in one direction and act like comparative bases for evaluation. We will set the methodology of your planning in such way, that it reveals necessary conditions for reaching set targets and show you most straightforward routes to their fulfillment. Based on specifications of your company and our experience we decide together, which level of details would be most effective, how should look the structure of partial plans, take into account mutual interconnection of individual processes etc. Software GIST Intelligence helps us a lot with these activities.


Controlling interconnected with Business Intelligence

By our opinion controlling is inseparably linked to Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Well adjusted controlling system gives BI tools usage the best sense. BI tools save controllers a lot of time – especially when they are capable a bit more like our software product GIST Intelligence. Meet with beneficial application methods, that combine controlling methodology with BI functionality. They represent best practice from tens of realized projects and serves best to get an idea, what can you obtain form the combination of controlling + BI.


“We will improve controlling methodology in your company. We will set your controlling processes from planning to evaluation and to deviation analysis and corrective measures. Reporting defined by us won’t overwhelm you, but provides you with relevant information for controlling. All of this will be supported by GIST Intelligence system.“

Gabriela Hlisníková, Controlling Chief Consultant,


We develop and exercise controlling know-how for more than 25 years. We use experience from hundreds of projects in segments of industry, business, services, utilities and public administration. We will use them in best possible way based on your situation. You can get an idea about our results through selected References.


“GIST company has showed us through the implementation of real controlling, which of our products are really profitable, which of our customers are most beneficial and which costs we can save. Thanks to meaningful reports we have our processes fully under control.”

Richard Zeman, Economic Manager, Linaset, a.s.


Do you have a feeling, that you – as the TOP manager – do not receive high quality controlling support? We will verify free of charge consequences for your company and suggest adequate solution. Contact us by email.

You will see accurate origin of every success or fail. You will see the origin of all profits and losses. You will get permanent insight into the future of your company and will be able to prevent problems or strengthen your success every single day. We will provide you with effective methods and tools that would be able to distinguish single factors and measure their influence. Regular evaluation enables you to make early and correct decisions.