Software development

Tailor-made software will raise your uniqueness

Use the opportunity to receive tailor-made software solution for your processes and become faster, cheaper, more effective – simply more productive. Every larger company or institution incorporates specific, unique processes. These may not be necessary the main or most important ones, but still they can create your desirable uniqueness, that forms your competitive advantages.

And because of this uniqueness their software support is quite often far from perfection. Either they are supported by torturing standard retail software, or one uses Excel system. Both approaches are just creating difficulties.

Only tailor-made software can support uniqueness of your processes and increase resulting competitive advantages. Yes – tailor-made software can be more expensive than retail solution, but return of investment is generally very fast.

We have already solved through tailor-made software development a lot of unique needs in various types of organizations – from small to largest ones. Yet there are some typical spheres of our customers’ activities, which repeatedly need software support. Quite often we solve eg. accounts of maintenance and investment orders or projects, as there is necessary to watch over responsibilities, processes and due dates, manage related documentation, report or escalate exceptions. Another sphere, that we often solve, is collection, processing and visualization of technical, production or operation data.

While developing the software we are very particular about the fact, that we use the language of our customers. We always invest enough effort to deeply understand your business, learn your terms and understand your needs. Only then we can suggest really high quality solution, that won’t copy current practices, but raise them to higher level by using of modern technologies.

Software development was incorporated in the very beginning of our company and still forms its core business. It penetrates through all our products. We solve even the most extensive systems with hundreds of users and really large data volumes.


“The greatest one is Automated Tax Information System (ADIS). It serves to whole Czech Tax Administration, from tax offices to General Financial Directorate. It helps to civil servants with revenue collection for more than 25 years. Officers can devote more time to effective work and citizens can communicate with the help of Tax Portal with financial administration from their home or office. At the moment we participate, among others, in the development of MOJE daně portal.”

Ivan Pařízek, Partner and Secretary,


“GIST Aplikace is accelerating processes, consolidates data and makes user experience more comfortable. GIST Aplikace is a uniform software framework, but not a retail software. We have created within this framework a number of individual solutions with specific features for a few spheres – under one heading. Most of the projects cover water suppliers and our deep understanding of this segment is unmistakable in the result. You can be sure, that we will understand your business in the same detail level. You can get an idea about our results through selected References.“

Jaroslav Jindra, GIST Aplikace Manager,


“We cooperate with GIST company for 4 years already. We are very satisfied with this cooperation and appreciate not just modern and progressive approach, but mainly expertise and approach of the analysts. Our colleagues from GIST company always behave like real professionals and they place emphasis on the quality of the outputs and user friendliness of developed solution. They are able to accept and incorporate into the system every new requirement and suggestion from users. I believe, that our cooperation will successfully continue in currently developed solution.”

Ing. Karel Fuchs, Division Manager, Žďár nad Sázavou, VODÁRENSKÁ AKCIOVÁ SPOLEČNOST a.s.


“I would like to use this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciate professional approach of GIST specialists regarding both professional and organizational aspect during realization of our projects – orders. Especially I would like to thank to “GA” team, as this team attended to us from the design of the solution up until resulting evaluation.”

Ing. Jiří Šolc, General Manager, Vodovody a kanalizace Hradec Králové, a. s.


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