Data driven company growth

Data driven company growth

At the beginning of the summer of 2022, together with the executive director of USSPA, Mr. Jan Kadlec, we recapitulated how work with information and controlling helps them on their way to success.

Case study

Production growth over 30%
It is managed thanks to the introduction of production controlling.

Interlinked planning
Across the entire company.

Benefits of controlling 
In the USSPA, all areas are managed in a controlling manner. 

Customer introduction

USSPA, s.r.o.

The company USSPA, s.r.o. is a family business and the largest purely Czech manufacturer of whirlpools and thermal swimming pools, swim spa.

Hot tubs and year-round swim spa pools are used by clients in more than 20 countries around the world. Quality and top service are core values for the company.



A purely Czech manufacturer of whirlpools and a pioneer of hydrotherapy.

REVENUE FOR 2021 261 000 000

"The better quality information we have, the better we can communicate and, as a result, we have better relationships with employees, suppliers and customers."

Data driven company growth

Ing. Jan Kadlec
Chief Executive Officer


The cooperation between the two companies was already started in 2006. The then management of USSPA began to realize the necessity of introducing an ERP system and its connection to the controlling Business Intelligence tool. The greatest development in the use of the GIST Intelligence system occurred in 2015, when the USSPA company underwent a number of changes (new management, new product line, fully developed and used SAP system).

"At that time, we started planning growth through numbers in a controlled manner ." says Jan Kadlec , the company's director.

Data driven company growth

Controlling of profitability, service and sales

The first goal of implementing GIST Intelligence was the areas of finance, service, sales and its close connection with marketing . More cleardemand tracking made it possible to manage the entire sales system better. It was possible to more accurately evaluate the success of marketing campaigns. USSPA managed to increase the volume of sales for a long time, and thanks to this, the requirements for production grew significantly, where data began to be missing...

Production controlling

The production of hot tubs includes working with plastics, laminate, wood, plastics and metals. Each hot tub is assembled from four main blanks. Moreover, it is a custom production that cannot be fully automated.

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Thanks to production controlling, USSPA can, among other things, analyze the productivity of assembly workers in detail, either from the point of view of the time spent compared to that calculated according to individual operations, or from the point of view of the use of working time as such. Another useful output is a forward view of planned and available capacities.

"For example, the data shows that even small changes (such as better quality or retraining for specific operations) can add up to big savings and improvements. So it can be said that with very little energy we can make great progress." confirmed by Jan Kadlec.

Thanks to the introduction of production controlling, it is possible to manage a 30-40% increase in production year-on-year.

maintain high labor productivity. Hand in hand with working with data, USSPA increases productivity while simultaneously increasing production capacities (production areas grow, new technologies are implemented, recruitment of new people to production continues permanently. If they could increase capacity by leaps and bounds, USSPA would grow even more dynamically. "The current delivery time of the hot tub is 9 months, we can commit to the deadline, because thanks to GIST, we know that we will really deliver on the promised date. "

Purchase controlling, logistics and stock

The next logical step on the way to a "data driven company" was to link production controlling with purchasing controlling, logistics and inventory controlling. These areas were implemented by USSPA during the 2021 covid year.

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Thanks to purchasing, logistics and inventory controlling, USSPA can analyze development trends in warehouse stocks, purchase prices and quantities, identify lagers and evaluate the timeliness of deliveries according to suppliers. It also includes a short-term and long-term inventory status plan with timely identification of critical items entering production.

"A lot of dramatic changes are currently taking place and in the future we are probably still waiting for them, which, thanks to GIST, data and numbers, we are able to identify and thus be prepared for them."

After-sales service and customer care

"Since we serve thousands of customers throughout the Czech Republic and abroad, after-sales care and customer service are also key for us."

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As part of covid, the company experienced a significant increase in the sale of chemicals and supplements through the e-shop, which needed to be analyzed and, above all, made more efficient. At the same time, it was an impetus for the further development of after-sales care. On the portal, customers will find manuals, video tutorials , FAQs in addition to the e- shop . Thanks to the evaluation of the data, they can adjust the processes and the content of the portal itself in USSPA. At the same time, the correct content of the portal saves the capacities of, for example, the service department in USSPA. Both enable them to be more professional and above all lead to greater customer satisfaction.

These processes are supported by GIST Intelligence by analyzing service reports and tickets. From them, it is possible to analyze, for example, the frequency of typical service interventions, the lifespan and durability of selected components of the hot tub, and much more. Using Gist Intelligence, available logs of installed hot tubs are also analyzed, which is important for the development of new products.

Information sharing – reporting

The reports in the individual departments of the USSPA are not just kept for themselves. They present them at regular meetings so that everyone understands the context, it makes sense to them. In ERP, each user usually sees only his part.

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"Information of the team is important for proper functioning - everyone can see why what is happening is happening. Thanks to controlling and the data they visualize in context, everyone can look at the company from a different point of view and see how the results of their department affect the whole."

In USSPA, they even share some reports "live" directly with suppliers, who can monitor how the stock is gradually disappearing and can thus better prepare and deliver the necessary items on time. Ultimately, this leads to better relationships with suppliers and satisfaction for all parties .

"The better the information we have, the better we can communicate and, as a result, we have better relationships with employees, suppliers and customers. "

Planning and coherence of plans

Planning and forecasting is another significant benefit and added value of GIST Intelligence. Therefore, in order for the USSPA company to be able to significantly increase production volumes in this way, it was necessary to find out whether it was even theoretically realistic. This would not be possible without a quality controlling tool.

2021   saw a 30% increase in production
2022   saw a 40% increase in production
2023   a further increase in production is planned

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In GIST Intelligence, they can plan sales of hot tubs and accessories, overhead costs, personnel costs and indicators in an integrated way.
A look at future developments is included:

  • needs and availability of production capacities
  • stock levels
  • the state of funds

Controlling is often understood as a matter of finance, but at USSPA they fully perceive the benefits of controlling for the whole company. Currently , during the training of a new controller, Mr. Kadlec realized that there is no area in the USSPA that should not be managed by controlling.

"Thanks to controlling, we learned to drive better. If situations arise that are beyond my control, at least I will know about it. I can better prepare and respond in the future. Thanks to this, I can handle even very complex situations." Delivered by Jan Kadlec, executive director of the company.

It was clear from our conversation that the key user, driving force and controlling adjuster in USSPA is directly the executive director of the company, Mr. Jan Kadlec. Even from this, it is clear what importance they attach to managing by numbers in the company. As he himself pointed out at the end: "I'm doing it for users who need to see an immediate benefit. Then they like to use the tool because they know how it can help them. "

of cooperation
Data driven company growth

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