Business Intelligence

Save your time during nonproductive activities and dedicate it to deeper data analysis or full-value controlling

Well adjusted BI tools can save a lot of nonproductive time to your controllers and data analysts, who can then focus to essential matters. Thanks to that they can provide with more accurate information that will support you in successful decisions.

Business Intelligence (BI) tools serve to automate data collection from all information sources and to save them into optimal structures of data warehouse. They also facilitate creation of reports and analyses and you can devote more time to the evaluation of gathered information.

We will provide you with complete Business Intelligence solution from data warehouse to reporting. We use Microsoft tools like SQL Server or Power BI.


GIST Intelligence – developed especially for controllers

We have integrated Microsoft tools into our own software product named GIST Intelligence as well. This one is very unique BI solution because of its complex support of controlling. Based on the inspiration and experience of hundreds of customers we have programmed a lot of useful properties. GIST Intelligence saves through these properties time during all controlling activities, eg. reporting, planning, forecasting, calculations, overhead calculation, in-house costs, consolidation, presenting data and many others.

As controllers and analysts save nonproductive time, they provide you with more detailed evaluation, interpretation and comments regarding presented information. They can create deep analyses with real causes and make more accurate plans or forecasts. The better is the setup of the whole controlling system, the better will be the informative value of its outputs.

We are persuaded that BI tools benefits are proportional to the advisability of their usage. That is why we consider BI tools as closely interconnected with controlling. Well adjusted controlling system gives BI tools usage the best sense. This synergy holds true vice versa as well. BI tools remove excessive laboriousness from many controlling activities. We use beneficial application methods verified by tens of projects, that combine controlling methodology with adequate BI functionality.


“We care for the development of GIST Intelligence fully ourselves, but we are glad to be inspired by our customers and are able to process very specific requirements too. Our solutions are opened to user modifications. You can choose the level of modifications that you can manage yourself. But we will never leave you alone.“

Filip Ježek, Product Manager,


We develop and implement controlling and Business Intelligence tools more than 25 years already. We care for hundreds of customers who use our solutions. Within all spheres of manufacturing, business, services, utilities and public administration. You can make sure through our References.


„GIST company helped us to orientate well in our data, reveal errors in primary systems and share uniform and above all truthful information within whole management. Thanks to easier planning and forecasting we are able to get better preview of the future.”

Milan Rada, Human Resources and IT Manager, Ferona, a.s..


“From my point of view I cannot imagine my work without support from GIST company no more. We have perfect overview about economic operation of the company and are able to produce business analyses simultaneously. Our planning is effective and plan evaluation is even more effective. GIST company helps us a lot through consulting and assistance as well. We can ask them for help whenever we need it and they fully attend to our inquiries.”

Ing. Jaroslav Štembera, CFO deputy, Burza cenných papírů Praha, a.s.


Do you have a feeling, that you – as the TOP manager – do not receive early, easily accessible and complete information for decision making? We will verify free of charge consequences for your company and suggest adequate solution. Contact us by email.

You will see accurate origin of every success or fail. You will see the origin of all profits and losses. You will get permanent insight into the future of your company and will be able to prevent problems or strengthen your success every single day. We will provide you with effective methods and tools that would be able to distinguish single factors and measure their influence. Regular evaluation enables you to make early and correct decisions.